22 Free Black and White Photoshop Actions 

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22 Free Black White Photoshop Actions that will miraculously transform your color photos into bold and impressive black & whites.

22 Black and White Photoshop Actions

22 Free Black and White Photoshop Actions that will miraculously transform your color photos.Click To Tweet

Included With Black White Photoshop Actions

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File Size: 28 KB
File Format: ATN
License: Free For Personal and Commercial Use
Author: Dealfuel

Key Features-

  • Non-destructive actions- These actions keep the original image intact.
  • Arrangement – All layers created during the process are automatically arranged in a Group Folder.
  • Adjustment layers used- It gives you the chance to change the values in your way.

Six benefits of using photo effects:

  • It improves and enhances the quality of your pictures in many different ways.
  • It helps to cheat the eyes of some viewers who don’t stare for long at your image.
  • It gives emphasis to your subject. Once a viewer looks at your photo, he immediately notices what you want them to see.
  • It makes the picture attractive. It not only gets the attention of the people but it also boomerangs to you as the photographer.
  • It turns out your picture like a work of an expert photographer.
  • It gives your images a professional look.


Photoshop CS3 to CS6
Creative Cloud
Work on RAW and JPEG images

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