20 Best Food Blogging WordPress Themes For 2020

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We eat with our eyes, not with our mouth. This may sound pretty strange, but numerous studies have shown that vision primes our taste perception. If the food looks appetizing to you, you are bound to find its taste more satisfying and seek it in future. A take-home message from this is that you should visually tempt people to come over to your place and savor delicious food or get down to cooking something they never dared. For this, you need one of the 20 best food blogging and WordPress templates for restaurants that we present in this post.

In fact, there is a huge range of tools that appear handy in attracting people by the sight of food. Some may spend a small fortune hiring out web designers to work on their website. However, the smartest choice is to get it all done at once by installing a template. In this case, you get hold of all the latest web-design advances, implemented by a team of well-skilled designers and tested multiple times.

What Makes These 20 Best Food Blogging WordPress Themes So Special

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In this post, we want to share with you 20 food blogging WordPress designs released to rock in 2020. Each of them makes your website unique and superior to the sites launched earlier. They employ all the latest technological advances, such as Parallax effect, LazyLoad, WYSIWYG editors, animated widgets, and counters, etc. Moreover, these 20 food blogging WordPress themes come with media files on board. As a result, you don’t have to overspend on tempting high-resolution images, fun videos, unique icons and much more.

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support in this way. Here’s what we do and don’t promote.

Why Choose WordPress

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These food and restaurant templates run on WordPress CMS, which is an absolute leader in CMS segment. It provides you with a feature-rich back office, in which you can set up the website the way you want, manage its content on the fly and make use of visual editing and content modules. In addition to this, WordPress plugin market harbors an unmatched number of plugins to power different functionality of your website and keep track of how well your website is doing.

So, if you want your online store to be a step ahead of others, then it’s worth to get it right with one of 20 best food blogging WordPress themes. Check Live Demos of them and get a pre-taste of your future greatness on the web!

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1. Narya’s Cooking: Food Blog Responsive WordPress Theme


Narya - Food Blog For Cooks WordPress Theme

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This cooking website theme attracts people with its clean and stylish design and makes their mouths water and them following one of the recipes offered. Moreover, Narya’s Cooking does its best in terms of promoting your accounts in social networks. With the social buttons in website’s header and footer and Facebook/Instagram feed widgets, you’re bound to earn a cult following in the social networks of your choice.

2. Barbecue Restaurant Responsive WordPress Template


Barbecue Restaurant WordPress Theme

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This barbeque restaurant website is one of the design kings, making its mark with great close-ups of savory dishes, entertaining animations and elaborated color scheme. What’s more, the theme comes with Appointment Manager, with the help of which you can power online table booking on your website.

3. Moroseta: Clean WordPress Blog Design


Moroseta WordPress Theme


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Moroseta is a theme to make your blog perfect, no matter what are the topics you cover. The theme offers you a variety of ready-made layouts for Blog and Single Post pages. What’s more, it includes a prebuilt custom slider for posts to make them unforgettable.


4. MaxRestaurant: All-in-one Responsive Restaurant WordPress Website


Restaurant - Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

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This responsive template is the one that’s designed to reflect the gist of the pace, the atmosphere of it and uncover the uniqueness of experience that awaits your guests. Its high-quality design can be fine-tuned using Visual Composer, the plugin that brings you both a frontend and a back-end editor. The Composer makes it easy to add content and customize it with intuitive drag-n-drop.


5. Newsider: Blog/Online Magazine Clean WordPress Site


Newsider - Magazine & Blog Clean WordPress Theme

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Newsider WordPress theme fosters its refined atmosphere with the help of a clean white background and well-thought placement of its content elements. It lets you power ultra-modern post grids, where video posts mix with the conventional text ones.


6. Italiana: Italian Cuisine Responsive WordPress Theme


Italian Cuisine WordPress Theme

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Italiana theme lets you create a website that will appeal to your site guests with its state-of-the-art design, spiral lines and natural shades. Moreover, the theme plays around the contrast of black, white and mint green that adds some extra Italian feel to it. Editing the theme on the fly is possible thanks to Power WYSIWYG editor it incorporates.

7. Lattecino: Coffee Shop WordPress Template


Coffee Shop WP Theme

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This theme will turn your website into the coffee lovers’ visual treat. It has a hand-crafted feel to it with handwritten fonts and custom visuals. Carefully developed, the template brings you the Appointment Manager to book a table at your place. Moreover, Lattecino features a set of custom modules that let you add maps, counters, progress bars and atmospheric audio podcasts to your pages.

8. Veggies & Berries: Vegetarian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Website


Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme

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This theme is for the place that serves meals based on natural ingredients, such as vegetables, berries and herbs. It uses different types of posts to explore vegetarian cuisine in all the possible ways. What’s more, it brings you Ajax-based Live Customizer that lets you immediately preview the changes you make.


9. Liber: Wholesome Restaurant Responsive WordPress Site


Liber - Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme WordPress Theme


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Liber is a leading-edge restaurant theme with content-centered design and rich functionality. The clean pages of Liber are designed to save the time of busy folks, who don’t feel like reading lengthy paragraphs and descriptions. Moreover, embedded video player brings people who run the place in direct communication with the guests and make a subsequent visit much more personal.


10. Exclusive: Coffee Shop WordPress Site Design


Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

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Powering an ambient and cozy coffee shop is simple with Exclusive coffee shop WordPress template. With Power Builder editor, you can save your time on customizing the website with a library of presets, a number of pre-made header and footer styles and content modules for any purpose.

11. Spatules: Food & Beverages Blog WordPress Theme


Food And Beverages Creative Blog WordPress Theme

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Do you want your food blog to be more creative than an average one? When you initially land on Spatulas theme powered webpage, you may think that you are in the workplace of some artist that is in process of creating a new masterpiece. Underpinned by valid coding by professionals, the theme provides for sky-rocketing on SERPs after website’s launch.


12. Delicia Bar and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Template


Cafeteria WP Theme

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If you know the gist and the true notion of the word ‘delicious’, this theme lets you show your expertise and apprehension. Delicia template combines full-scale background images with Parallax effect, achieving a mosaic of inspiring images and well-structured content parts. The theme features well-thought CTA buttons, the one of which resides in website’s header and invites to book a table right away.


13. Gourmet Provisions: Bistro WordPress Website Design


Bistro WP Theme

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Gourmet Provisions is the theme that uncovers the philosophy and the hygge of your place, expressing it with minimalistic design and shimmering pictures. Blue-to-gray gradients and gentle transitions are so skillfully carried out, that they enchant and calm site guests down, tuning browsing your website into a magnificent experience.


14. Mouth-watering Flavor: Mexican And Texan Restaurant WordPress Website


Food And Beverages WP Theme

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Flamboyant design of this Mexican restaurant theme excites our senses with the abundance of color and detail. It draws people in with appealing category swatches on the front page and diversified content presentation. Another draw of this website template is a full-scale slider with great images that keeps you waiting to discover a new dish with the next slide.

15. Italica: All-in-one WordPress Restaurant Theme Bundle


WordPress Restaurant Theme Bundle

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If you don’t feel like being limited to one design for your website, Italica theme bundle will please you with a number of skins. It features designs for Italian, seafood, kosher, fast food restaurants and other places to eat out. You won’t be lost managing the skins, as the template is equipped with a visual editor that lets you take control over your website.

16. TacoPassion: Mexican Food Restaurant WordPress Site


Mexican food restaurant WordPress theme

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Searching for a feature-loaded Mexican restaurant template, don’t pass on TacoPassion theme. It brings you rich social options, table booking functionality, newsletter subscription form and many other much-needed extras.


17. GutenBerg: Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme


GutenBerg - Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

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This brewery template presents a modern approach to beer drinking. The theme is entertaining with circular CTA buttons that let site guests play around and get the hang of it. Except for being modern and user-friendly, the theme lets the true spirit of beer shine through with great full-width images of best hop captured when resting in the farm of a warm-hearted farmer.


18. Croissant: Bakery and Sweet Shop Responsive WordPress Template


Cakes & Bakery Responsive WordPress Theme

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Croissant is a French bakery inspired, soft-shaded template to foster a fresh and cozy cakes and bakery website. The theme’s core is fully responsive and welcomes all the site guests on the go with the theme’s sleek mobile design.

19. Chinese Tradition: Far-East Restaurant WordPress Site Design


Chinese Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

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If you want to power a traditional Chinese restaurant, you won’t find a more authentic theme than Chinese Tradition. With Restaurant Menu plugin, you can create an exhaustive online menu of your restaurant with no hassle. Then, add it to posts, pages or sidebars the way you prefer.

20. Pizza & Pasta: Italian Pizza Restaurant WordPress Site


Vincenzo - Feature-Rich Pizza Restaurant

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Refined and appetizing, this theme enshrines the best traditions of Italian cuisine. It creates a place where cooking is treated as art and gives food not only to our body but to the mind as well. Booking a table at your place becomes irresistible, as this theme offers to go for it online in a couple of clicks.

We hope that you enjoyed this gourmet web design journey and was able to find the right theme to power your food blogging website. Do not hesitate to grab it and unleash your cooking passion to the fullest!

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