12 Free Black Sparkles Textures
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12 Free Black Sparkles Textures Backgrounds are free glittering black background that are created for you to use them on various projects, from websites to printables, or simply as backgrounds. These Twinkling glitter background are Sparkling or glitter backgrounds that are popular for Holidays as well as for other special occasions such as weddings, Easter, birthday parties, and Spring. You see them as background for invitation cards, greeting cards, and even websites.

Scrap-booking lovers are also fond of glitter backgrounds and textures to decorate their scrapbook pages. These unique grainy abstract texture on black background can also be use as snowflakes design element that can be used as a distress overlay texture for photography.

12 Free Black Sparkles Textures Backgrounds

You can do lots of things with them, share them on social media if you find them useful.

Included With 12 Free Black Sparkles Textures Backgrounds

File Size: 119 MB
Dimension: 6000x4000px

Format: JPG
License: Free For Personal & Commercial Use
Author: Creativetacos

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