10 Brush Fonts for Adding a Handwritten Touch to Your Designs

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Creating new designs requires weighing a lot of factors including color schemes, layouts, and image assets. But if your design will contain text, there’s possibly nothing more important than the font selection. The font you choose will say a lot about what your design is offering. It can infer an overall tone, style, or mood. It can convey professionalism and seriousness or informality and fun.

That’s a lot of weight to put on a font’s shoulders, but it’s the truth. So if you want to give any design you’re working on a handmade or handwritten feel, a stylish brush font is the way to go.

Brush fonts are exactly what they sound like: fonts that contain lines that are made to look like brush strokes. They can vary widely, from skinny single lines to thick lines with apparent brush fiber strokes all throughout. Which you choose will depend on the look you’re going for, of course.

Brush fonts are typically thicker and bold, offering more weight to the text you write in them. So, it makes sense then that brush fonts are typically reserved and recommended for titles, headers, subheaders, and logo rather than for body text. It’s just simply too bold to be legible in these situations.

But for titles, brush fonts really shine and allow you to make a bold statement — if not a slightly informal or personal one. Since brush fonts mimic the appearance of hand painted brushstrokes, it automatically conveys a sense of personalization, as though you have carefully crafted this design from scratch. This makes brush fonts a good fit for invitations to personal events or for business materials that deal with home goods, beauty, or other personal industries.

In fact, we could easily see brush fonts being used for:

  • Beauty or cosmetic companies
  • Health or spa brands
  • Wedding invitations and other stationary
  • Personal blogs and projects
  • Art-focused websites

Basically, anything that could be considered “personal” will likely find brush fonts hugely beneficial.

If you’re inspired to use some brush fonts in your next designs, the following options will serve your projects well.

Table of Contents

1. Legiante Handwritten Font

Free Legiante Handwritten Font

First up is the Legiante Handwritten Font. This one offers all of the classic appeal of a brush font with a bit of an edge. The strokes are mostly solid but feature a few sparse patches that give any text written in this font a handwritten look. It also mimics cursive and could be used in a slightly informal calligraphic setting. Overall, a versatile font choice that would suit logos and titles well — both online and in print — and offers enough personality to be used in even more formal settings. This would look great for a high-end restaurant’s logo, don’t you think?

2. Hesthicc Handbrush Font

Free Hesthicc Handbrush Font

Another font you may wish to consider is the Hesthicc Handbrush Font. It features bold and thick lines that really give weight to any text you display in it. It offers loads of texture within the brushstrokes, making it interesting to look at and perfect for showcasing a title, heading, or logo on your website or on printed materials.

3. Jattayu Brush Font

And then there’s the Jattayu Brush Font, which offers yet another spin on the brushstroke style of font. This one is not cursive and includes straighter lines with harsher edges. The brushstroke effect is more precise as well, implying that the text was written using a brush with separations between its hairs. It’s a cool effect that could easily be used for printed and online projects. The informality of this one is quite charming and would lend itself well to personal blogs or art websites.

4. Primera Brush Font

Another brush font you might want to consider is Primera. This font doesn’t offer the brush texture of the fonts we’ve discussed so far here but it does offer the wavering lines and imperfections that give brush lettering so much charm. The font imitates writing with a marker and provides informality alongside precision, which could be used in a variety of ways. Think everything from logos to website headers, here.

5. Kashima Japanese Brush Font

Free Kashima Japanese Brush Font

If you’re looking for a Japanese inspired font, the Kashima Japanese Brush Font is an excellent choice. This font features characteristic brushstrokes you’ve come to expect from traditional brush calligraphy with a bit of a modern edge. The strokes are patchy and feature plenty of white space to provide character. It’s a font befitting of a film’s title card, if you ask us. And it would work just as well online and in print. So, feel free to use it in a website logo or header as well as on a piece of printed marketing material.

6. Denmark Brush Font

Free Denmark Brush Font

Next up is the Denmark Brush Font. Described as a “handmade” font, this one definitely captures the handwritten feel quite nicely. It provides a calligraphic touch while maintaining a sense of informality. It also features ligatures and embellishments that border on cursive but don’t quite commit. This font would look great on a logo or a header and could easily be used on printed materials as well like wedding invitations. It embraces the brushstroke look without sacrificing legibility.

7. Molliquam Handwritten Brush Font 

Free Molliquam Handwritten Brush Font

Still another option is Molliquam, a handwritten brush font that elicits a sense of tropical islands and vacations. It’s a font reminiscent of signage in these locales and immediately puts summer in your mind. So, if your business is vacation or island themed, this font is a good choice for your logos or headers. Similarly, if your wedding will take place during the summer months, this brush font should be at the top of your consideration list.

8. Unknown Secret Brush Font

Free Unknown Secret Brush Font

Lastly, there’s the Unknown Secret Brush Font, which is a really fun one that might not work for every project but definitely has a specific look that can be useful. If you want to create a hand-scrawled look or text for a special creative project, this could be a good choice. We can see this font being used for book covers or projects dedicated to mystery, crime, or something else of that sort.

9. Free Ayanami Brush Font

Free Ayanami Brush Font

Ayanami Brush Font is a Filbert paintbrush font. Silly but good looking, fresh, and fun. Really suitable to highlight personal messages.

10. Amilo Brush Font

Free Amilo Brush Font

Amilo Brush Font is a lovely handwritten calligraphy font, it’s combining the classic style of calligraphy with a more modern style.


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