Free Ethna Sans Serif Font

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Free Ethna Sans Serif Font is a modern humanist sans-serif font. It perfectly represents modern and vintage aesthetics. Font looks amazing as alone words and as full text blocks. Also it’s good for bright captions and unforgettable logos. Ethna is great to use for logotypes, menus, product labels, prints, posters, branding, social media & much more.

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Free Ethna Sans Serif FontBig thanks to Andriy Dykun for creating such well made font freebies and generously sharing with our community.

Ethna Sans Serif Free Font is a modern humanist sans-serif font. It perfectly represents modern and vintage aesthetics.Click To Tweet

Included With Ethna Sans Serif Font

Font Case: Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, Punctuation, Symbols and Cyrillic
File Size: 11 KB
File Format: OTF File Format
License: Free For Personal Use Only
Author: Andriy Dykun

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