Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font


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Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font is a free font that takes inspiration in the blackletter type styles. The design was a school assignment, where i had to find 4 words to design from – Old, Sleeping Beauty and Pointy. This resulted in a softer, more modern blackletter fraktur font. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and basic symbols. It is made for logos, headlines and other typography related work.

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Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font

Thanks to Christian Horsbøl Christiansen for sharing this awesome freebie with the community.

Fibonacci Fraktur is a free modern blackletter font. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbersand basic symbols.Click To Tweet

Included With Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font

Format: TTF file format
Font Case: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Some Alternatives

File Size: 8 KB
Requirements: Windows & Mac
License: Free For Personal Use
Author: Christian Horsbøl Christiansen

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