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Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font

Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font is a free font that takes inspiration in the blackletter type styles. The design was a school assignment, where i had to find 4 words to design from – Old, Sleeping Beauty and Pointy. This resulted in a softer, more modern blackletter fraktur font. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and basic symbols. It is made for logos, headlines and other typography related work.

Free Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font

Thanks to Christian Horsbøl Christiansen for sharing this awesome freebie with the community.

Fibonacci Fraktur is a free modern blackletter font. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbersand basic symbols.Click To Tweet

Included With Fibonacci Fraktur Blackletter Font

Format: TTF file format
Font Case: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Some Alternatives

File Size: 8 KB
Requirements: Windows & Mac
License: Free For Personal Use
Author: Christian Horsbøl Christiansen

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