Free Floral Pattern Recipe Card Template


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Free Floral Pattern Recipe Card Template is a modern and beautiful style designs template look very artsy that would look lovely as a guide for cooking featuring colorful rose pattern design in the background. It comes in a printable format in 2 unique sizes according to your needs: 6×4″  and 7×5″, in an easily accessible PDF format, each card can be printed as many times as you would need. Moreover, they’re also both more personal and shareable​, there’s a certain charm to scribbling your own notes to refer back to or pass on to a friend.

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Floral Pattern Free Recipe Card Template look very artsy and lovely as a guide for cooking featuring colorful rose pattern design.Click To Tweet

Included With Floral Pattern Recipe Card Template

File Size: 62 MB
Format: PDF
Resolution: 300 DPI

File Type: CMYK
License: Free For Personal Use Only
Author: Creativetacos

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