20 Free Glowing Lightroom Presets


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Free Glowing Lightroom Presets has been crafted to look great with a wide variety of images. These filters are compatible for almost any photos with these 20 different effects you should be able to find the exact effect what you need. The outcome may be different from photo to photo. These Lightroom presets can be used in your RAW and JPEG images.

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Free Glowing Lightroom Presets


Free Glowing Lightroom Presets were created to give beginners photographers unique effects.Click To Tweet

Included with Glowing Lightroom Presets

Format: LR’s Template file format
File Size: 90 KB
License: Free For Personal & Commercial Use
Author: Creativetacos


Lightroom 4, 5 and 6(CC)
Work on RAW and JPEG images

Download (3476)

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