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20 Free Photoshop Layer Styles to Create Beautiful Text Effects

With Free Photoshop Layer Styles, you can convert basic text into typographic artwork quickly. Adding unique layer styles to text in Photoshop is as easy as clicking a button. They speed up the design process. No Photoshop experience is necessary to apply these effects because you only need to click a single button.

While there are many free Photoshop Text Effect tutorials available, downloading one of the Layer Styles below is the fastest way to create beautiful text effects.

1. Retro PSD Text Effect (Free)

Free Retro Text Effect

In a few seconds, you can create vintage retro style using this simple and easy Retro PSD Text Effect.

2. Holochrome Text Effects (Envato Elements)

Holochrome Text Effects

Holochrome Text Effects Holographic designs have been hugely popular for several years. Get trendy in 2023 with these mockups! These 10 holographic effects are shiny and dazzling. It’s an easy way to present your text, shape, or logo in an authentic retro style.

3. Ghost Text Effect (Envato Elements)

Ghost Text Effect

Elusive smoke fading away is hard to grasp but not if you have this Photoshop text effect stacked in your toolbox. This Ghost text effect is good for creating posters or Youtube video intros for Halloween related content.

4. Neon PSD Text Effect (Free)

Free Neon PSD Text Effect

You can add a high-quality neon lights effect to your text or logo with the Neon PSD Text Effect. This simple and easy graphic resource allows you to create neon text effects quickly and easily.

5. Metallic PSD Text Effect (Free)

Free Metallic PSD Text Effect

Metallic PSD Text Effect is a very cool and beautiful PSD Photoshop text effect with a metallic text lettering style. Easily change the background color and add your own text or make new metallic nice headers.

6. 14 Vintage Retro Text Effects (Envato Elements)

14 Vintage Retro Text Effects

Go back in time and give your text or logo that Vintage Retro look in seconds! Get this great pack of Retro 3D Effects now and easily transform your Text Retro with a Smart Object in Photoshop

7. 3D Gold Text Effects – 10 PSD (Envato Elements)

3D Gold Text Effects - 10 PSD

Gold Text Effects Modern 3D gold effects for your projects! You just need to place your text or logo into the smart object. That’s all)

8. 3D Text Effect (Free)

Free 3D Text Effect

3D Text Effect that will give your design extra depth and make it stand out text effect. It contains instructions for working with it and achieving stunning 3D Text Effects with reflections, shadows with clean finish touch.

9. Acid Glitch Text Effect (Envato Elements)

Acid Glitch Text Effect

Vibrating text on the artboard can make you dizzy! Or excited about the idea of using this PSD text effect as a headline for the awesome project of yours. The editable smart object contains 4 color solutions your text can have, try out all of them to see whether it looks good with a blue or yellowish palette.

10. Game Logo Text Styles (Envato Elements)

Game Logo Text Styles

Game Logo Text Styles is the perfect collection for create logos, titles, illustrations, decoration, poster, flyer, typography or website banner etc.

11. Mobile Game Text Styles Vol.02 (Envato Elements)

Mobile Game Text Effects vol.2

This is a set of 10 completely different logos that are suitable for games of various genres. Ice kings, jelly era, cake mania, sugar splash, magic shop, happy forest, pocket monsters, arena battle, crush, space adventures, underwater games, three in a row, collision. You just need to place your design into the smart object. That’s all)

12. Wood Chunks Text Effect (Free)

Free Wood Chunks Text Effect

Wood Chunks Text Effect in a nice perspective, that you can use to add some excitement to any plain text or vector shape. Just open the smart object, type in the text or paste the shape, apply the changes and you’re done. You can use it in all your projects, both personal and commercial.

13. Retro Text Effects vol.1 (Envato Elements)

Retro Text Effects vol.1

Give your text retro look in few seconds. This set contains 10 PSD text effects that are great for book covers, posters or movie intros.

14. Comics Text Effects (Envato Elements)

Comics Text Effects

Comics style titles. Use this effects for your titles to create retro vintage comic style! It uses free Fonts, Download Links included in the Help File.

15. Neon Sign Styles v4 ( Envato Elements )

Neon Sign Styles v4

These Neon signs are very fun and easy to customise. They are 100% layered and also 100% vector. Simple edit with your own text, or if you wish to create your own template I have included the ASL files.

16. Neon Sign Kit (Envato Elements)

Neon Sign Kit

A massive neon sign kit with dozens of neon styles, a neon styled font, 40 backgrounds and hundreds of supporting elements.

17. Vibrant 3D Text Effects (Envato Elements)

Vibrant 3D Text Effects

Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, youtube cover, website banner, cinematic title, movie title, etc. Awesome trendy colors, vivid gradients, isometric compositions. You just need to place your design into the smart object. That’s all)

18. Sloppy Press Inc. (Envato Elements)

Sloppy Press Inc.

Sloppy Press INC. contains 33 typographic layer styles for Adobe Photoshop, textures, brushes and actions to make hand-printed typography effects instantly!

19. Flour & Powder – Photoshop Actions (Envato Elements)

Flour & Powder - Photoshop Actions

Ever tried to write a text or make a logo or graphic using flour or powder? really hard. With this set of Photoshop actions you can achieve amazing results with few clicks, install the action, create a text or logo, click play, job done!

20. Shine On – Retro Advertisement Kit (Envato Elements)

Shine On - Retro Advertisement Kit

Shine On – Retro Advertisement Kit is inspired by famous match covers from 1940s and 1950s. Recently, matchbooks have begun to regain some of their popularity as a retro advertising item, particularly in high-end restaurants, etc. You can also use this type of graphics for décor your home or office.

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