10 Minimal Business Card Templates for Attracting Clients

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Having a business card is a must, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s just a given. And a stunning minimal design is always a well-rounded choice. But what isn’t always an assumption is how you’ll go about designing your business card. There are tons of designers out there with the skills and eye to create a masterpiece for you. But what if this sort of service falls outside your budget? 

If you have a bit of design skill yourself, using a minimal business card template is a great solution. These templates are typically available in Photoshop format, with well-organized layers that make it easier to make customizations on your own. This means you can modify the background color, the text (and font), as well as any design flourishes or motifs included. 

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And the great thing about minimal designs is that you can always add to them should the need arise. And you can easily adjust the color schemes and fonts used to match your company’s branding. 

That’s truly the beauty of using a minimal business card template: it takes the burden of having to design a business card from scratch off your plate but still allows you the freedom to modify the design however you see fit. 

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Now, with these specifications out of the way, let’s get down to the real reason you’re here: our list of some of the very best minimal business card templates available in 2021 that are ideal for attracting new clients. Let’s get to it! 

1. Simple & Clean Business Card Template 

First up is the Simple & Clean Business Card Template. This template is classy and elegant while maintaining a minimalist style. It comes with two PSD files and is super easy to customize fonts, text, and colors. 

2. Unique Modern Business Card Template

Another option is the Unique Modern Business Card Template. It offers an innovative design with a minimal layout that’s not boring. This template comes with two PSD files that have a smart object feature enabled that makes replacing text and colors a snap. 

3. White Creative Business Card Template

Or you could consider the White Creative Business Card Template, which is another lovely minimal option. With it, you can customize the background, font, text, colors, and logo. It comes with two PSD files with the smart object feature and can be customized to suit any sort of business or industry. 

4. Sober Minimal Business Card Template

Another great option is the Sober Minimal Business Card Template. It has an extremely minimal design with elegant touches that make it stand out. This template comes with two PSD files as well and can be customized with just a few clicks. Change the colors, text, and font with ease to suit your company’s branding. 

5. Decorative Business Card Template

Or you might want to consider the Decorative Business Card Template, which is another example of minimalism that’s not boring. It features an eye-catching pattern along the border of the card that adds tons of visual interest while still maintaining the feature set you’ve come to expect, including smart objects and easy-to-customized text, colors, fonts, and design elements. 

6. Creative Business Card Template V2

Another option is the Creative Business Card Template V2. It’s another great and creative choice that offers a clean and minimal design with ample space to highlight your logo. It also includes fantastic design elements for calling attention to your phone number, email address, website, and/or physical address. It’s an all-around simple template but an extremely professional one, at that. 

7. Innovative Minimal Business Card Template

Or you may want to consider the Innovative Minimal Business Card Template. This is another free option that features a straightforward design that could suit any number of business types. It comes with two PSD files with smart objects, which facilitate the speedy editing of text, fonts, and colors. You can even add a QR code to make it easy for prospects to find out more about your company. What’s not to love here?

8. Minimal Business Card Template V2

Or, you might want to consider the Minimal Business Card Template V2, which offers a super professional look with simple lines and straightforward style. While it might appear plain to some, that’s actually a real perk, since you can customize the colors, fonts, and icons used to better suit your brand without adding clutter. If you want a no-fuss business card that doesn’t distract from your vital contact information with flourishes, this is the template for you. 

9. Photography Business Card Template

And here’s a template that maintains minimalism while injecting some style. The Photography Business Card Template V2 is a fantastic choice for, you guessed it, photographers looking for a smart and stylish design that allows for the easy display of their contact details. The template itself comes with two PSD files with smart objects enabled. Customization is quick and easy thanks to this, so feel free to experiment with different colors, fonts, text, and embellishments. 

10. Lawyer Business Card Template V2

And finally, we have the Lawyer Business Card Template V2, which speaks directly to those in the legal industry. If you’re a lawyer and/or work for a law firm, this would make for a stunning choice of design for your business cards. Customization is quick and easy just like all the other templates on this list. And if you really like the design but you’re not a lawyer, we could see this being used for photographers, freelancers, and many other professionals as well. 

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