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6 Minimalist Business Card Templates

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A good business card is central to many professions, especially those that rely on in-person networking at large events. Your calling card can be the difference between making an impression or being ultimately overlooked.

Imagine going to an event and being asked for a way to contact you. A phone number or email scribbled on a scrap of paper may get the job done, but what if instead you handed over an elegant, well-made business card? That’s sure to leave a lasting impact on a potential client’s mind.

And in some careers, not having a business card is seen as downright unprofessional. Despite the shift to digital, business cards are still widely used in the professional world. It’s the best way to do networking face to face and leave an event with new contacts.

So you’re going to need a business card, but what’s the best way to obtain one? Hiring a designer is expensive even for such a small but important item. But making it yourself from scratch with no design experience at all is definitely not a good idea.

That’s why you can find hundreds of business card templates online. These can be edited in a program like Photoshop using smart objects. Replace the default text with your own information, insert your logo, and arrange the bits and pieces to your exact liking. Anyone can do it.

With a template, making your own professional business card can take less than ten minutes. And it’s much more affordable than commissioning a custom design.

These six minimal templates are a great example of good design practices. With business cards, you want to keep it simple and appealing with only the necessary information, while still leaving room for creativity. There are a variety of cards for different professions here, or you can customize most of these to be suitable for any career.

Each template is only $4 for a personal license, and there are also commercial licenses suitable for use on social media and online advertising. This small investment can more than make up for the clients and partners you attract with your sleek new business card.

They’re also all print ready and in CMYK color format, so you won’t need to do any special optimizations. Just swap out the default info for your own and you can have your business cards printed out and ready to go in minutes.

With that, let’s dive right into the list of minimalist business card templates.

1. Black Creative Business Card Template

Preview image of Black Creative Business Card Template

Perfect for creatives or just about anyone, this dark business card is minimalist and versatile. A few simple designs on the card enhance the look, making it more beautiful, while still remaining minimalistic and putting the focus on the contact info.

This business card is specially suited for those in a creative profession, as the extra little design flourishes add the perfect touch. But you can certainly repurpose it for any profession. Just swap out the logo for your own.

2. Modern Minimalist Business Card Template

Preview image of Modern Minimalist Business Card Template

This professional black and white design is sure to draw a client or business partner’s eye. With beautiful gold accents, pretty design patterns, and elegant font choices, the sleek card is simply stunning.

As it’s designed to be versatile and customizable, you can use this card with any profession. Just swap out the names and contact info and you’re good to go. Anyone would appreciate receiving this elegant business card.

3. Minimal Bakery Business Card

Preview image of Minimal Bakery Business Card

Here’s a niche design: a business card for a bakery, or any sort of food services. There’s even a cute logo of a pie to go with it, which you can leave or swap out with your own logo. The colors are much brighter with pretty pastels rather than plain blacks, though these of course can be replaced with your own brand’s colors.

There’s plenty of white space here to put the focus on the minimal design. If you’re running a bakery and need a cute but professional business card to go with it, you’ll definitely love this.

4. Medical Minimal Business Card Template

Preview image of Medical Minimal Business Card Template

Healthcare practitioners of any kind know that a good business card is crucial. Getting in contact with you in a timely manner can quite literally be the difference between life and death. That’s why you should have a good business card with a clean design.

This card’s design is specialized for those in the medical field, with soft blue and white colors and a logo of the easily recognizable staff symbol that represents healthcare workers.

It’s simple but pretty, with a little more room for those extra important details. Doctors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and more will all love this business card template.

5. Minimal Creative Business Card Template Vol. 3

Preview image of Minimal Creative Business Card Template Vol. 3

Sometimes you need a business card that’s simple, but definitely gets the job done. This is the third version of the minimal creative business card template set, and it looks better than ever.

Black on the front and white on the back, with copper accents and and a beautiful sans serif font, this is certainly an elegant business card. It makes use of a little less white space than the others, but it can still definitely be described as minimal in design.

Creatives in particular will enjoy this one, but anyone can repurpose it for their own company.

6. Black Sober Business Card Template V2

Preview image of Black Sober Business Card Template V2

Out of all the business cards, this one is very likely the most minimal. There are no frills, no pretty but meaningless design patterns, just your name and contact info.

Though it seems like something incredibly simple, there’s definitely professionalism here in the careful spacing, dark colors, and elegant font choices. Icons for each type of contact info draw the eye and spice up the design a little without making it too decorative.

If you’re looking for something a little more serious, this template was made just for you.

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