6 Most Used PowerPoint Templates


Creating a PowerPoint presentation and then actually delivering it successfully is quite a ride. Making a presentation on short notice can be arduous for anyone. You have to research the content, create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, rehearse it and then deliver the same in front of the audience. Thus, the focus should be on saving as much time and brain power as possible. Utilizing professionally crafted PowerPoint templates can help your presentation in unimaginable ways. First of all, you’d save a lot of time. You can directly put in your ideas on high-quality PowerPoint templates without any fuss. Secondly, you don’t have to carve the design from scratch. PowerPoint templates are often designed by experts.

Ready to use PowerPoint templates feature pixel-perfect design and can take your presentation to another level. Now, you might find thousands of PowerPoint templates on the web. But, one should always pick a template which can attune to the topic. In simpler words, inculcating the right template to your presentation can do wonders for your presentation goals. This would boost engagement with the audience as well as the presentation’s integrity. For your ease, we have compiled a list of amazing PowerPoint templates. So, grab a cup of coffee because today we will talk about the best 6 PowerPoint templates available in the market which are widely used and critically acclaimed.

1. SWOT PowerPoint Template:

swot powerpoint template

A SWOT analysis template can be applied to any company, segment, organization and situation. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats can be determined easily with the help of a SWOT template. The template comes handy when the task is to project these four aspects like divided stories. Best suited for entrepreneurs and leaders, a SWOT template can initiate a comprehensive discussion regarding the issues related to a company. You can use this 3D SWOT analysis template to develop strategic development plans. The template features 4 colourful blocks with three-dimensional effects. There are more than 5 slides, with four slides highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, respectively.

2. Corporate PowerPoint Template:

corporate template

Having a corporate template at your disposal can make your life a lot easier. A professional business level PowerPoint template should feature consistency, branding, ease of formatting and it should be highly time-saving. While presenting a topic to your C-level audience, you have to be as detailed as possible. Since first impressions are key to building stronger relationships with your stakeholders, the template needs to be an amazing one as well. You can leverage the Business Corporate Presentation Template and can easily ace professional presentation goals. The template features a minimalist design which can help you showcase an agenda, company profile, about us, quotes, services offered, vision & mission, developments and much more. You can include graphics, use existing infographics, charts and tables for giving a better clarity to the audience.

3. Investor Timeline Template:

investor timeline

For any business out there, investors are the lifeblood. When you go into a meeting to pitch your next product or service to gain investments, you have to carry a template which can back the weight of your dreams. The template should help your presentation look impressive and highly convincing at all times. You can make use of this amazingly crafted Investor Timeline template to pitch ideas, proof of concepts to your stakeholders and potential investors. The template comes pre-packed with a timeline slide, helping your showcase developments in the past, present and future. You can easily change the contrast of the website as per your suitability. Being highly customizable, the template can be edited till its core to attune with businesses of all verticals. Entrepreneurs will find this template eye-catching and a real game-changer in the long run.

4. Consultation Presentation Template:

consultation template

Building a robust reputation as a skilled consultant is very attractive. Persuading new clients to work with your company is a challenging task. It goes without saying that a powerful presentation can make or break a deal here. You might also find yourself at the centre of the organization where people from different departments look up to you. Having the right consulting template for your presentations can be the key to success. For any consultancy service, it is crucial to make your case convincing. This template will help you provide better insights to ideas, concepts, analysis and results to your clients in a more convincing manner. Funneling process, stacked line graphics, demographics, attractive layouts are all there for you. Coming up with a strategy to generate desired results comes with a great deal of problem-solving, the template helps you achieve just that.

5. TeamWork Concept Template:

teamwork concept

Teamwork Concept is a great PowerPoint template that includes modern layouts, diagrams, charts, tables and much more. The visual elements are highly attractive and are customizable as well. You can easily include your pictures, change background colours, etc. Best suited for team building related presentations, the template can be used to showcase team strength, how different departments come together to accomplish the common objective and different HR activities. Good teamwork is important for the success of any project or an organization as a whole. With this template, you can make sure everyone in your team is on the same page. Make the project life cycle transparent and details such as goals, blockers and deliverable clear and concise. Project managers, team leads and solutions architects can also find this template helpful.

6. Academic Presentation Template:

academic presentation

University professors, students and online educators around the world might find this template fascinating. The Academic presentation template can help educators make comprehensive PowerPoint lessons for the students. With the help of this template, complex parts of any topic can be broken into engaging content. Charts, diagrams and tables can be used to further enhance the understanding ability of the students. On the contrary, students can leverage this template to showcase their research. The timeline slide can help you jot down the development process and info-graphics can be deployed to support your presentation goals like never before.