11 Wedding Clipart to Add Style to Your Wedding Designs

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When putting together designs for your wedding invitations or other wedding stationary, it’s always a good idea to have a healthy stash of clipart on hand to facilitate the process. After all, it’s much easier to create a design when you have resources to reference and pull from while creating.

Clipart also has the added benefit of serving as direct inspiration for your designs. That is, referencing clipart could spark your creativity in a way that might not have happened otherwise. And better yet, you can actually use the clipart itself in your work rather than having to create a new design from scratch.

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When selecting a wedding clipart set in particular, you might want to look out for a few key features. For instance, you might want to select one that has:

  • Multiple elements included in a single download
  • Several composition options
  • Frame options
  • Pattern options
  • Border options

Plus, you should opt for clipart that speaks to your design aesthetic and the theme of your wedding. Otherwise, what’s the point? Look for something that you like and that serves your needs at the moment. And on top of that, you should seriously consider using free clipart.

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If you’re on a limited budget, free clipart is a godsend. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a healthy list of free wedding clipart that offers a wide variety of designs and elements to add to your wedding invitations or stationary. From hand drawn dividers to watercolor-style drawings, we’ve got your needs covered right here.

1. Free Autumn Watercolor Cliparts

Free Autumn Watercolor Cliparts

First up is the Autumn Watercolor Clipart set. It includes a variety of hand-painted watercolor clipart that speaks to the fall season and would be perfect to include as decorative elements on wedding invitations for an event that takes place in autumn. This set includes 28 individual elements, five compositions, three frames, three patterns, and three borders. Plus, it makes for the perfect way to indicate when your wedding will take place at a glance.

2. Free Handmade Wreaths Clipart

Free Handmade Wreaths Clipart

Another great option is the Handmade Wreaths Clipart set. It includes a set of five different wreath clipart elements that you could use in a variety of different designs. We think it would look especially fantastic surrounding your names or the date you’re getting married to embellish the area and to draw attention to it.

3. Free Handmade Flourish Divider Cliparts

Free Handmade Flourish Divider Cliparts

And here’s another hand drawn clip art selection. This set includes five different flourishes and/or divider clipart elements that can be used throughout your wedding invitation designs. Place them between key aspects of your invite. Or, stretch them out and use them as borders. Some could even serve as flourishes on RSVP cards.

4. Free Handmade Element Cliparts V8

Free Handmade Element Cliparts V8

If you’re looking for even more design inspiration, consider this handmade element cliparts set. Each of the 10 designs included here were hand drawn and include flourishes and dividers that can be used on wedding stationary and designs of all types. The thinner options would look fantastic for borders awhile the squatter designs make for lovely accents to give your invitations some style.

5. Free Handmade Dividers Cliparts V2

Free Handmade Dividers Cliparts V2

Another option for dividers comes from this set of eight hand drawn divider clipart elements. The designs here span the gamut of those reminiscent of filigrees and royalty to those that are a bit more informal. A nice mix is represented here, so you’re bound to find one that works for you, regardless of your wedding’s theme.

6. Free Handmade Leaves Floral Clipart V2

Free Handmade Leaves Floral Clipart V2

Or, if you want to keep with a floral theme for your wedding designs, this set of seven hand drawn leaves and floral clipart ought to suit your purposes well. The leaves are highly varied and would be suitable for complementing designs for any season. Use them as borders, dividers, or as embellishments to emphasize text blocks.

7. Free Handmade Botanical Cliparts

Free Handmade Botanical Cliparts

In keeping with the leaf theme, this set of 10 hand drawn botanical cliparts offer an even wider range of floral and leaf selections. From ferns to twigs, you can capture a mood and seasonable vibe well with these clipart choices. Add details to the corners of your cards. Use clipart alongside text as embellishment. The choice is yours.

8. Free Navy Burgundy Watercolor Clipart

Free Navy Burgundy Watercolor Clipart

This colorful option stands on its own. The Navy & Burgundy set includes over 30 elements, six wreaths, six arrangements, and four patterns, making it well worth the investment. Oh, what’s that? It’s free? Even better! The delicate watercolor leaves and florals are certain to set the ton for your wedding.

9. Free Handmade Flowers & Leaves Cliparts

Free Handmade Flowers & Leaves Cliparts

And another fantastic botanical choice is this set of eight hand drawn flowers and leaves. They’re lovely and could easily be used to invoke a romantic mood within your wedding invitation design. Or, if you want to take the minimal approach, could serve as the entire focal point of your invitations.

10. Free Pink Blush Watercolor Clipart

Could you imagine a more perfect choice for a springtime wedding? This set of pink blush watercolor clipart includes one wreath design, two frames, and three arrangements, allowing you to showcase lovely roses with a touch of green within your wedding designs without being overwhelming. The watercolor strokes are light and airy, offering plenty of texture and visual interest, too.

11. Free Winter Greenery Clipart Set

Free Winter Greenery Clipart Set

If you’re planning on having a wedding held in the winter months, then this is the clipart set for you. The Winter Greenery set includes 30 single elements, five frames, and four arrangements, offering tons of variety in how the leaves, branches, twigs, and pinecones can be displayed. Delicately embellish your invitations and other wedding stationary without overwhelming the design or taking away from the important details included within.


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