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15 Best Simple Notion Templates for Everything in 2023

Ready to revolutionize your productivity in 2023? Discover a diverse range of 15 new Notion templates, designed to streamline everything from schoolwork to personal growth. Experience a new level of organization and efficiency, tailored to your unique needs

In order to assist with your search for effective notion templates, we have curated 15 simple notion templates:

Simple School Dashboard Notion templates

The Notion School Dashboard template is an good asset for students to plan their homework and assignments in one location.

Simple School Dashboard Notion templates

Notion Template: Weekly Dashboard + Task Database

Try out a easy weekly agenda template connected to a master database for tasks, projects, tags, and notes, perfect for any use.

pika 1678722844010 1x2 1

Minimal Dark Notion Dashboard Notion templates

Essential components of a GTD System, including Project Progress, Finance, and Subscription Trackers, ensure complete tracking, while the Habit Tracker adds accountability for daily tasks and Daily Goal setting keeps motivation high.

pika 1678723047444

‘That Girl’ Personal Growth Dashboard Notion templates

Prepare to transform into the best version of yourself. These innovative templates, exquisitely crafted for those seeking an all-encompassing hub to manage their life’s affairs, provide a convenient way to align with one’s authentic aspirations. Designed by me – and I’m happy to share these!

pika 1678723314696

Notion Template: Crochet Dashboard

Enriching your Notion with a comprehensive template, tailor-made to fulfil all your crochet needs!

pika 1678723472223

Personal Media Manager for Notion – Movies, TV Shows & More

This template is designed to enable you to organize your disparate media assets, such as books, movies, television shows and games.

pika 1678723603533

Knowledge Vault Template Notion

By utilizing the Knowledge Vaults Notion Template, you can revolutionize the way you organize your learning materials, as it is a game-changer that conveniently centralizes all your resources.

pika 1678723803441

Travel Journal Notion Template

This travel journal template has a wealth of features that can satisfy the needs of all types of travelers. From itinerary planning to packing lists, it has everything you need!

pika 1678723966452

Notion Smart Goals Tracker

Quickly Accomplish Your Goals: Discover an all-inclusive Notion template that can help you plan, assess and evaluate your objectives before devising strategies to reach them.

pika 1678724405263

Notion Second Brain

Improve your productivity with Notion’s Second Brain. Keep your projects, tasks, notes, bookmarks, and schedule in check with better organization and management.

pika 1678724549012

Habit Tracker | Free Notion Template

The Simple Habit Tracker template empowers you to effortlessly create and monitor habits, while providing timely data on your progress across days, weeks, months or quarters.

pika 1678724776803

Notion Fitness Planner

Template for Fitness Enthusiasts: Notion Fitness Planner

pika 1678725161436

Sleep Tracker Notion Template

Boost your slumber with Notion’s minimal sleep tracker, giving users with an easy approach to managing their sleep routine. Assign specific activities or routines for each night and track them all in real time!

pika 1678725390264

Skincare Diary | Aesthetic Notion Template Download

Downloadable template for tracking skincare routines and aesthetic preferences.

pika 1678725583792

Notion Period Tracker

Track your menstrual cycle with Notion, the all-in-one productivity tool.

pika 1678725891438


Ready to craft your own project? Check these templates and score yourself some inspiration before diving into the process. Just remember that you don’t have to create an identical template for every type of expense: personal finance is an art form, so feel free to experiment with various options!

Discovering easy-to-use resources like this one can help simplify your life when it comes to creating a template.


Why Use Templates in Notion?

Using these templates in Notion can help you keep track of your finances and make informed decisions about your spending. Notion’s editable templates allow you to create a budget that fits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Where to find templates for Notion?

Notion is a great tool for organizing your thoughts and ideas. It also provides a range of templates that can help you get started on the right foot. You can find templates for Notion on their official website, as well as on third-party sites such as, and

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